Tabata Music

Best suited for our training system is a so called Tabata music sequence. A Tabata sequence usually has 8 intervals for training at high intensity of approx. 20 seconds length and 10 seconds pause intervals. The trainings intervals should be made at high speed and the pause interval is used as short regeneration phase, but also in slow moevcements, e.g walking on the place. Tabata-music is wide spread, you can buy it or stream it.
In this section you can download our own Tabata music. At each song there is given the beats per minute and if it is with coach counting the intervals or without coach. With the choice of your music you can control the intensity of your training. So let's start and enjoy.

Quantum of Burning Steel - TabCoFit Music Edition

Mission Impossible Theme 5/4 180 bpm (with Coach)

Rock 4/4 132 bpm (with Coach)

TabCoFit - Our Dance Tracks

MMaker Dance #1 115 bpm (with Coach)

MMaker Dance #2 125 bpm (with Coach)

TabCoFit - Our Guitar & Rock Tracks

MMaker Rock #1 120 bpm (with Coach)

Cajon Drums 180 bpm (no Coach)

Strat House 128 bpm (no Coach)

Pico Rock 130 bpm (with Coach)

Happy Ding Dong 96 bpm (no Coach)

Dark Runs 120 bpm (no Coach)

Dance Strat 140 bpm (no Coach)

Cows Can Dance 140 bpm (no Coach)

Ryini Beats - Tabata Mixes

Basis Track is of Ryini Beats, we just re-sampled it in a Tabata Sequence
"Ryan aka Ryini is a skilled Hip-hop Rap/Rock music producer/guitar studio musician from Los Angeles, California. Trained in rock, blues, metal, hip hop guitar, live recording, and music production."

Alternative Rock Type Beat "All" (Dark Trap Rock Rap x Hip Hop Instrumental 2020) 160 bpm (with Coach)

Alternative Rock Type Beat "Miracles" (Trap Rock | Rap Instrumental 2020) 158 bpm (with Coach)

Alternative Rock Type Beat "Scars" (Trap Metal x Rap Rock Instrumental 2020) 158 bpm (with Coach)

Alternative Rock Type Beat "Without Me" (Sad / Uplifting Rap Rock Instrumental 2020) 100 bpm (with Coach)

Trap Metal Type Beat "Dark Evil" (Rap Rock Guitar Instrumental 2020) (with Coach)

Alternative Rock Type Beat "Deception" (Instrumental 2020)(with Coach)

TabCoFit - Only Drums Tracks

Drumbeat Instrumental #1, 144 bpm (no Coach)

Drumbeat Instrumental #2, 140 bpm (no Coach)